Semalt Presents Easy Ways To Attract Millions Of Twitter Followers

If you are serious about getting lots of followers on Twitter, you have reached the right place. Here, Artem Abgarian, Senior Customer Success Manager of Semalt, is going to tell you some fantastic ways to get more and more Twitter followers.

Craft a Compelling Bio

Most often, people will recognize you from your biography and your profile picture. That is why you must craft an appealing and compelling bio to attract more and more people on your Twitter profile. Your biography box should tell the world all the basic things about your personality, family and professional lives. Here you would have to write 160 characters and impressively describe yourself. Use lots of spaces and cover all the basics of your life to encourage people to follow you.

Upload a Real Photo of Yourself

It would not be wrong to say that for new accounts it is not possible to upload real pictures. But if your account is older than six months, you must upload your photo and let the world know about your personality and looks. People on Twitter get attracted towards profiles that have engaging photos, so you should never upload odd or boring selfies as it can ruin your overall reputation.

Reply to Tweets Publicly

You should not feel shy to discuss important things publically. In fact, it would be great if you reply to tweets openly and tag some friends to get them involved in the discussions. If you don't reply tweets publically, you may not get lots of followers and cannot increase your site's online credibility. It is important to change the settings to your Twitter account and keep the conversations public. At the same time, you should not use cheap or stupid words while discussing something important with your followers. Let the world see what you think or say as regular tweets.

Follow Experts and Like Famous Pages

You should consider following experts on Twitter and like popular pages. Tag others especially celebrities in your posts to increase your number of followers. By following the right people, you can be assured of getting noticed online and can start a discussion to increase your number of followers on Twitter.

There is nothing to worry about if some people defollow you but you can get plenty of followers by sharing engaging content and discussing good things on Twitter.

Helping People Online

You should help people on Twitter to increase your number of followers. Interact with others and try your best to solve their problems; keep everything engaged in conversations and make money on social media using your site and ads. While working online, if you see that someone needs your help, you should be ready to assist them in.


Last but not the least, you should frequently tweet so that people get attracted to your Twitter account. Share quality content and informative stuff almost daily as this is the only way to get plenty of followers on Twitter within a few days. There is no need to get fake followers as they would not get you good leads or any business online.

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